Don Bradman Cricket 17

Release date update: December 16th!

Great news cricket fans. The release of the second instalment of Big Ant Studios Don Bradman Cricket has been brought forward by a week to December 16th.

In the premier edition of Extras last week Silly Point advised how Amazon was selling the game for a whopping £54.95!

Fear not batsman and bowlers. You can get your hands on the game for a more respectable £42.99 (PS4 and Xbox One) from…

… and get it in time for Christmas!

Don Bradman Cricket 17 features an even more in-depth career mode than DBC14, unparalleled customisation, bails that light up, helicopter shots, James Taylor on commentary, TV like on screen info, women players, stadium creator and much more.

Remember, cricket is for life not just for Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Don Bradman Cricket 17

  1. They’ve clearly listened to the fans wishes following Don Bradman Cricket 14. I haven’t played DBC17 yet but the theatre looks great. Critics seem to be questioning the graphics but for a smaller studio I think that the graphics are more than adequate. The other criticism I here is that like the original the game is hard… good!


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