Don Bradman Cricket 17: Career Catastrophe!


Firstly, yes that is me in the image above. The disadvantage of being a rather nondescript looking person in real life is that amongst other things any avatar that you create, in this case the Don Bradman Cricket 17 version of yourself, is that you don’t look particularly far removed from the default character. I look like I need a good meal, maybe I should have beefed up my chest and shoulders a bit.

Anyway, you know that game I’ve been banging on about for weeks, Don Bradman Cricket 17 (Yeah that one) and telling everyone to buy it… well hold your horses! At the risk of sounding like a proper gamer, there are bugs and glitches galore (I know all the terminology now).

Having made it to 10 not out in the first game of my career I suddenly looked up at the screen to see myself stood at the non-striker’s end. The problem was that I wasn’t the non-striker and despite a desperate (In fact I didn’t even bother!) effort to get back I got stumped. The same thing happened a few matches later but as it was a pace bowler and the wicketkeeper was stood back I managed to scramble home. After all this chaos seemed to have stopped it later happened again but fortunately for my batting average my teammate was the one short of his ground!


Art imitating life.

In career mode you start at T20 club level. You can’t just waltz into the Yorkshire side. I signed up for Leeds and was asked to select some other local club sides to join the league. I chose Doncaster, Hull, Scarborough, Sheffield and York so was a bit miffed when I found myself playing the likes of Consett, Southport and Outer Vietnam or whoever else was in the Northern League.

Earlier in the day I played a women’s Five5 match then two men’s games in the same format. Two of the three matches kicked me out of the game at the innings break.


That’s me on the left (Yeah I’m walking off not out!)

All of this is a great shame because the gameplay is great. I’ve seen others criticise the graphics but some of the catches are far better looking than DBC14. If only the fielders would take some off my bowling! The only other game I play is FIFA so I can’t really compare against much but I think it’s an amazing achievement for people to have made cricket playable on a computer and hopefully after a patch (There’s that gamer terminology again!) DBC17 can become the great game that it should be.


Have some of that! (A nose bleed inducing strike rate if such preposterousness were to occur in real life!)

Oh! I nearly forgot. It wouldn’t let me download the Academy so there’s no Virat Kohli or Kagiso Rabada etc. I’m stuck with Vincent Krohl and Kingston Radebe or whatever wonderful names Big Ant have provided…

… and on the subject of names it was a pleasure to bowl to Mr Sod Wesley, even if he did smack me for back to back fours on the leg-side!


A cheeky little not out in my final innings of the season sent that average soaring skywards (Or towards 20!).

P.S. Proper YouTubers etc would provide smooth images and video of the experience. I am not proper so you will have to make do with actual photos taken using an actual camera that was held in one hand whilst the PS4 controller was in the other and let me tell you, this game is hard enough with two hands on the controller…

… “wide. That ball was headed for the car park”. (Again!)

5 thoughts on “Don Bradman Cricket 17: Career Catastrophe!

  1. There seems to be a ‘what do you get if you cross GJ Maxwell with H Lecter?’ vibe with your avatar, SP which isn’t meant to be rude or disrespectful just an observation that DBC17 have admittedly come a long way since ‘Pong’ but still need to iron out their… forward defensive. I like the idea of getting stumped from the non strikers end and look forward to this happening to an England batsman in real life, probably tomorrow just to cap the tour. Like that you play for Leeds, being a loiner myself, and look forward to you enjoying a successful season over Christmas. Missed your duck watch entry featuring your two ball zero but that oversight aside a thoroughly enjoyable review. 🙂


  2. Don’t worry Phil, you didn’t miss a Duck Watch. It’s just that that particular feature is called INTERNATIONAL Duck Watch and Leeds vs Sunderland doesn’t currently hold international status. If my career progresses as planned hopefully there will be lots of international ducks for me in the future, most of them probably stumped whilst stood at the non-striker’s end!

    Had to do a name check on GJ Maxwell incase he was a famous poet or something. Loving the officialdom of the middle initial. You can dine out on MR Ramprakash, JS Foster and KP Pietersen!

    Just to clarify, I know who Glenn Maxwell is!


    1. Initially I’m guessing you were born a while after May 1973, SP but careful where you mention Leeds and Sunderland in the same line. It’s too soon.
      Initially Mr Ramps is a good one and I had no doubt you’d know Glenn Maxwell, it was H Lecter, the Derbyshire demon quick of the thirties who ate batsman for breakfast I thought you might struggle with.


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