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A day without blogging, ahhhhh!

Geographical XI

Silly Point names a Geographical XI, because we can… if I can find eleven players with geographically related names that is!

Don Bradman Cricket 17: Ireland v England Test Match

Silly Point provides further insight into Big Ant Studios second instalment of DBC by, following England’s thrashing in India, taking an experimental England side to Malahide to take on Ireland in the Emerald Isle’s inaugural Test outing.

Duckworth Lewis Method CD Reviews

Silly Point reviews two cricket themed albums from The Divine Comedy frontman Neil Hannon.

Kevin Pietersen: On Cricket Book Review

Silly Point reviews the former England batsman and serial texter’s literary effort.

Warriors DVD Review

Silly Point reviews the cricket documentary Warriors… because Female Genital Mutilation is exactly what I thought I’d be blogging about when I started a cricket blog!

.. and yes, the Duckworth Lewis Method CDs, KP book and Warriors DVD were Christmas presents!

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