The Duckworth Lewis Method: Eponymous / Sticky Wickets CD Reviews


Earlier in the week I provided an intro (Unless you already know about them) to former The Divine Comedy frontman, Neil Hannon’s cricket themed musical effort. Alongside Pugwash frontman Thomas Walsh, Hannon formed The Duckworth Lewis Method and songs such as Jiggery Pokery…

… are just literary marvels. To write such a detailed account of just one delivery requires exquisite mastery of language.

Also featuring on the band’s premier release is the more profound The Nightwatchman…

Meeting Mr Miandad is another instant highlight from my first listen of the band’s eponymously titled first album.

On the second album, titled Sticky Wickets, The Umpire is an extremely deeply thought through effort…

… and Third Man is an instantly catchy classic, even if it sounds like he’s saying something else. Out in the Middle is also a standout track…

I’ve only had one listen of each album in the car but my immediate scores are as follows:

Eponymous: 85 not out

Sticky Wickets: 76 not out

One thought on “The Duckworth Lewis Method: Eponymous / Sticky Wickets CD Reviews

  1. Neil Hannon’s been a genius for a while. Our Mutual friend and A lady of a certain age are worth a listen, SP. (The latter mentions Surrey in the lyric and the former… The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore – to keep this cricket related)


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