Don Bradman Cricket 17: Career Stagnation


Incase you’re struggling to read it, yes my batting average does say 19.50!

Career stagnation. No I’m not talking about real life. Oh no, wait…

So it’s been a while since I provided an update on my ‘glittering’ career on Don Bradman Cricket 17. That’s because, in the main, I haven’t been playing career mode. There were one or two issues but I’m glad to reveal that yesterday the game’s developers, Big Ant Studios, released a third patch on PS4 as well as on XboX One. There seem to have been one or two tweaks on the technical aspect of batting. I Know this because earlier today I was dismissed in a way that I’ve never got out before!

One glaring omission from the game out of the box and one that has caused outrage in the forum…

… was the omission of player statistics from your player page. Up until yesterday’s patch, you would only see your batting statistics when you walked out to bat (We’ll come to bowling statistics later) aside from some very out of depth current season only stats. Now you can see your batting average, strike rate and 50s etc in amongst the many tiles, these tiles include league standings, fixtures and selection status (Again, we’ll come to this later) on your player page.

If you can just about make out my batting statistics on the picture above then let’s please draw attention to another bug in the game. Yes I scored 50 not out but have since hit 55 not out. I’m sure that my career best knock is included amongst my career runs and enhanced my batting average but just didn’t tally on the 50’s column nor was my career best amended. Again, referring to the forum, I’m definitely not the only one that has had this problem.

As you can see, my batting average is a paltry 19.50. It didn’t take me long to realise that batting at number five in what are only T20 matches until you get signed professionally was not a smart idea. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been not out in the forties (Honestly, I’m not making that up!) or have got out trying to clear the ropes in the final overs, or just haven’t batted at all.


82.83, that’s a great average! Oh no, wait, that’s my bowling average.

Onto bowling. Well at least I now know what my average is… 82.83!

Prior to yesterday’s patch there was no way at all of knowing what your bowling average was. Credit to Big Ant, they listen to the feedback on the forum and act upon it. Now, as well as having your bowling stats on your player page, they come up when you are brought on for a spell with the ball. Obviously I’ve been informing followers of my England matches and have finally figured out how to bowl a bit better. That average of 82.83 has already tumbled down from the nineties in the five matches since I returned to career mode and I’m confident that I can bring the two numbers closer together.


There’s a second page as well but they don’t even want me in Zimbabwe!

Even if I do up my batting average towards the 30s and bring my bowling average down to… the 30s (Optimistic I know), I may be destined to spend my entire career playing club T20 for Leeds against all those non-Yorkshire teams that I didn’t select as mentioned in a previous career post…

That’s because there’s a glitch where you can’t get signed up, particularly with England (No really, this has been confirmed on the forum). Different console and different versions of the game seem to have different bugs and glitches so it’s possible that there isn’t a selection glitch on my game and that even in the Zimbabwean domestic competition, they’re not looking for players with a batting average of 19 and a bowling average of 83!

I commenced my career soon after buying the game when The Academy wasn’t live so I don’t know if I get signed up whether I could be playing with Joe Root or Jon Roth. I hope they’ve fixed the teams in the leagues issue so that next time I start a career playing for Leeds, I can take on York, Hull and Sheffield etc, not Southport and Whitehaven. I’ve also designed a nice bat and helmet that I’ll use next time. For now I’ll keep going with this career whilst Big Ant keep patching things up and I can learn how to get a bit better. I’ll definitely choose to bat higher in my next career as I really think batting at five is restricting me from making scores big enough to draw the attention of any of the counties, T20 franchises or national selectors!

3 thoughts on “Don Bradman Cricket 17: Career Stagnation

  1. It was nothing extraordinary, I just tried to clip the ball to leg like I often do but got a leading edge high in the air to mid-off. As I said, I think that in Patch 3 they’ve made some fine tweaks to batting, possibly making some shots a little harder but adding to the realism.


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