Oh Keith!


A word of advice to all you cricket lovers out there, to my loyal and devoted followers:

Alcohol and sport do not mix, certainly not professional sport!

Australia’s best ever Malaysian born spin bowler Steve O’Keefe seems to think otherwise. I know, I know, I’m a little late to the piece. Silly Point’s standard have really slipped!

SOK got into trouble last year for alcohol related offences and by all accounts appears to have gone on the rampage at a New South Wales cricket awards ceremony last week. So much so that not only has he been fined $20,000 but he’s actually been banned from playing in an entire Matador Cup campaign.

It’s easy to wonder what he’s playing at, risking his international career after belatedly getting it going but alcohol addiction is officially a disease so if SOK needs treatment then let’s hope that he receives it.



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