Have to Have a Helmet!


When batting, why wouldn’t you wear a helmet?

When a spinner’s bowling, batsman can be tempted to stride to the crease helmet less. However the threat of being struck on the head isn’t merely from the absent pace bowler. Imagine that the helmet less willow wielder sets off for a sneaky single and a desperate dive is required to preserve their wicket. The fielder collects the ball and hurls it towards the stumps but only connects with the intercepting temple of the despairing batsman. Cue an ugly and potentially terminal scene.

Is the cricket world going to wait for this to happen before implementing mandatory head protection rules?

Maybe it already has happened. There have been all kinds of cricket related accidents, injuries and most tragically deaths both in the recent and throughout time. These days, we’ve even got umpires wearing armour!

Next time the ICC, MCC or ABCCC are drafting new legislation, Silly Point proposes that the donning of helmets by batsman be made obligatory for whenever, wherever and however they are at the crease.

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