Ta-ra Zafar


I wish Zafar Ansari the very best in whatever he does, personally and professionally, for the rest of his life… but he still made me a bit angry!

I’ve got no qualms with a professional sportsperson calling it quits sooner than is the norm and am a big believer that to be successful in anything… that you need other things. Dedicating and immersing yourself in your chosen career is great but the best preparation can sometimes be to do something completely different. Ansari always maintained that cricket wasn’t the be all and end all for him but what disappoints me is that, if he’s as intelligent as everybody claims, then didn’t he see this coming?

Surrey signed Scott Borthwick last year. Ansari surely knew that Borthwick would bat at three once he arrived at his new home. If Ansari sensed that his time was up then wasn’t he a bit selfish to go on tour with England?

Maybe I’m being selfish. He’s worked hard at junior and domestic level and maybe he merited the opportunity to play at the pinnacle but England’s selectors will surely look upon Ansari’s selection last winter with regret. They could have played somebody else and even if that player’s performances had been as underwhelming as Ansari’s, they may have been a better player for it and comeback stronger. Of course Liam Dawson might have played earlier, scored a pair, gone wicketless, never played again and therefore never scored that 66 not out. My reference to Ansari’s achievements in the Test arena as underwhelming are described in Test match standards however to have scored 49 Test runs and taken 5 Test wickets should be something to be really proud of… Is Ansari though?

I’m disappointed. It seems like a wasted selection that could have been spent on somebody else, somebody committed to the long term cause. That’s not to say I’m against selecting players well into their thirties either, as long as they intend to play for and are ideally contracted to, another couple of years in the game.

Is Ansari the answer?



The Cricket Wheel of Fortune spins again…


Thanks for your efforts Zafar. All the very best in the years to come.


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