Plenty Twenty20


An article popped up on Cricinfo this week that highlights the difficulties in arranging international cricket around the many domestic T20 tournaments scattered throughout not only the Test playing nations but in countries such as Hong Kong too.

I’ve proposed a restructured format that could be applied to international cricket before…

… but am always open to amendments if the cricket world will be better for it.

How about this?

My combined league table that covers Tests and ODIs remains but T20Is are lopped off these tours. It could be that T20Is can be added on in agreement with both teams and if viable in the schedule. These matches would simply be friendlies and not count towards rankings, an opportunity for teams to get match practice in preparation for the major tournament. Quite simply, international versions of the many global T20 leagues are put in place. These could be played at the various tiers with the worst performing / winning team of the tier below, swapping places for the next tournament. This would solely be for the T20I tournament and not effect the Test / ODI league.

It’s a challenging environment. Each nation deserves to have its own annual domestic competition but international cricket should still be the peak and hold prestige.

Restructuring global cricket, it can all be a bit wearing. Here’s a cricket song to cheer everybody up… or maybe not!

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