The Eagle has Landed!*


*By eagle I mean Ashes Cricket.

It’s a sorry state of affairs that when you receive a new game you find yourself pointing people in the direction of the bug forum. For those crazy run outs, dodgy stumpings and incalculable averages then follow the rules and let Big Ant know. Then we might just get a great game!

All being well though, I’ll soon be providing you with updates on how my career is faring and how England are getting along too.

See you soon…

Disclaimer: Please excuse my pessimism. Maybe my version of the game won’t contain any bugs!!!

2 thoughts on “The Eagle has Landed!*

  1. As you know, I don’t do games that require thumbs. But eager to hear your opinion of the game anyway after that article I wrote. I have to say, the graphics looked pretty shite in the trailers I’ve seen.

    One request – is there a sim mode like in management games. I.e. could you run the ashes 10 times, say, and tell us what happens on average?


    1. As somebody who doesn’t play any other computer games… I think the graphics are pretty good (!?). It’s a long way from Super Soccer on the SNES as a kid!

      You can sim but I think it might mess up ‘your’ stats, that’s if Big Ant haven’t done that already. In previous games they haven’t always been able to calculate batting averages correctly!!!

      There’s only one place to see how it goes… on my blog!


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