Ashes Cricket (PS4): Career Mode – South Career!


Ahhh the 2021 campaign. A season of one fifty across the three formats and not surprisingly, still no pro contract offer!


The three-day campaign read like a James Vincesque series of starts but a failure to convert:

31 & 0, 14 & 31, 37 & 24, 38 & 79, 8 & 38

That’ll be a dismissal in the thirties in every match and a top score only as high as the previous season’s. 300 runs at an average of 30.00 exactly summed up a frustrating year. We, Leeds, finished bottom of the Northern Division.

Continuing a fascination with integers, I averaged an appalling 10.00 in the one-day campaign. A score of 18 was as good as it got. It simply wasn’t enough to merit recognition from county sides or global franchises. Whether or not this is a game bug or just merited… make up your won mind!


Come the Twenty20 frolicking, I was run out for five in the opening round of matches. A ricochet off the non-striker contributing to the fielding side and playing its part in my innings termination! Having missed out with a score of just two in the next match, I’d reached 42 not out in a fascinating run chase third time out. Having smacked an almighty six off the first ball of the final over, it appeared as though I was leading the team to an epic victory. Two dot balls followed however, the declination of risky singles possibly proving costly. I let the bowler get into my head and was caught on the boundary off the fourth delivery of the over. My teammate then promptly played two forward defensive shots and we fell seven runs short! There were to be no trips to any finals-days this term.

I finished the season with a swashbuckling 32 not out from 15 deliveries to conclude the campaign with an average of 29.00 having not been required to bat in the fourth match. Over the course of the season I’d managed to be demoted from three in the batting order down to five! Frustratingly I signed off for the season with a wonderful straight six. A sign of what could’ve been. I only have myself to blame for a failure to apply myself properly with the bat and convert promising foundations. Come 2022, I intend to return to compiling the mammoth double hundreds of years gone by. Well, there was that one double hundred!

Stepping away from trying to pretend that this all real for a moment. The issue of all highest scores showing as not outs seems to have been addressed. That’s only for new scores though, so in career and other game modes you need to register a new high score. I really enjoy the context of playing Test matches as England but intend to play ODIs and T20Is as well. When playing career, and I appreciate that this is a computer game, you really need to apply yourself in order to rack up big scores and achieve run chases. Having a baby rolling around your legs and a wife who likewise doesn’t want to be ignored means that batting can’t always be provided the application it merits. Well that’s my excuse for a career average of around 30.00 anyway!

I’ll be back in the future with a review of my 2022 season in career mode, a write-up of England’s Global Test League trip to Pakistan, the opening round of Global ODI and T20I Leagues and an extensive Ashes Cricket (PS4) stats and facts update. There might be one or two ‘real’ cricket articles as well!

Many thanks to all the world over who are taking the time to follow my blog and read my articles.

Silly Point

2 thoughts on “Ashes Cricket (PS4): Career Mode – South Career!

  1. Afternoon fella,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed you Ashes cricket blogs. I’m still dwindling away on the ancient but addictive Don Bradman 14 and have been deliberating for some time now, the worth of investing in an Xbox One/PS4 solely to play the Ashes Cricket Game. Be interested to hear your thoughts on whether it’s been a worthwhile purchase for yourself, although a betting man would say yes based on your blog content.

    Feel free to have a snoop around my blog. I’m relatively new to this but am looking to give a fair insight to my thoughts on the recent Ashes series and cricket news in general.




    1. I purchased a PS4 solely for Ashes Cricket mr maybe it was DBC 17. Ashes isn’t perfect but it’s getting there. If you’re not already aware there is a forum on Planet Cricket which is well worth checking out. DBC17 managed to take two steps forward but at least one back at the same time. The career mode (3 formats) is much more exhaustive in Ashes. The stats seem to track well in other games modes as well. There’s real value in plugging away and taking wickets in Tests but sometimes wickets are given away a little too easy. I’m on Pro/medium difficulty though.

      When I started blogging I followed a few blogs but they were just copying and pasting from Cricinfo etc. I don’t see the point. My blog may be rubbish but at least it’s my rubbish. The infancy of your blog looks original. My one tip would be to keep it that way.

      All the best with the blogging and many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on mine. I’ll be sure to keep tabs on your blog.

      Silly Point


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