Ashes Cricket (PS4): Career Mode – Captain Fantastic!


Following the disappointment of the one-day cup final defeat at the hands of Scarborough in my first match as captain, the team headed into the T20 competition determined to go one step further. As was the case with my team selection for the fifty-over final, I made bold changes to the XI for the T20 campaign, ignoring the scars of the final defeat. In our first two matches at Bradford and Sheffield, such was the application of our side that I wasn’t even required to bat as we notched back-to-back victories. It was against Scarborough again that we would come undone, this was despite my 26 from 14 deliveries. My swashbuckling 45 from just 15 balls helped us get back to winning ways at home to York before we then beat Hull in the final round of matches, again with me not required to bat. That meant another final against guess who? That’s right, an opportunity for revenge against Scarborough. Again, a ruthless alteration to the team was made and we restricted the seaside side to just 121-9 from their allotted overs. Soon though, we were 15-3 and in real trouble. My 46 from 35 deliveries however helped steady the ship but I was gutted to be dismissed with just four runs required for victory. It didn’t matter though, as we ran out winners by four wickets. Without doubt, it was the proudest day in my Leeds career. It won’t only be Leeds that I’ll be playing for in the future though…


I’m delighted to announce that I’ve accepted a First Class contract offer from Yorkshire County Cricket Club. I’m reliably informed that I’m not too far away from joining the List A and T20 sides either. I’m due to make my First Class debut at home against Kent and there are three First Class matches remaining after that. It’s up to me to take my best ever club form into the professional arena and earn the right to play for the mighty Yorkshire for years to come. I’m delighted to sign off this campaign for Leeds in style but it’s onto the professional circuit for me now!

4 thoughts on “Ashes Cricket (PS4): Career Mode – Captain Fantastic!

  1. Afternoon Fella,

    How close is the Don Bradman 14 batting feel to the Ashes game?

    I’m currently plodding along in my third season but really like the look of the depth of this game. I usually bat with the cameras on the batsman as if from a TV view if that makes sense. I just find timing the ball and playing the required shots a lot easier that way.

    Great blog again though.

    Good luck!


    1. Hi

      I didn’t think there was a career mode on 14 but maybe I’m mistaken, there was on 17 though. Ashes is big Ant’s third instalment.

      When I first picked up Ashes I thought it seemed a lot more real. There are one or two shots that seem a bit freaky but I’m getting a lot of pleasure out of the game. I bat the default way, i.e. behind my batsman. I’ve always tried to go with the new default set-up and controls but your way is the traditional gaming way. I definitely think many of the shots seem genuine but one or two are a little ‘arcadey’ but that’s in part because I’m playing on pro and probably need to up the difficulty meters now. You can fine tune them so much though which is great. I think bowling’s really good too. There’s genuine nicks and having to react to take the catch. You really have to work to get a wicket, like real life but occasionally the opposition will seem intent on throwing their wicket away or not bothering to run and losing by one-run! (Again, I’m only on Pro).

      I don’t want to be responsible for you buying a PS4 then being disappointed by the game. I can’t handle that pressure but Big Ant seem to have eradicated a lot of previous bugs. The career mode on Ashes is so much better/immersive for having all three formats at club level.

      I hope that helps. Any more questions then please ask. Talking to people about cricket is always welcome. Many thanks for viewing my blog. I’m always grateful for the ‘few’ people taking a look that make it somewhere near worthwhile!


      1. Hey there, have only just seen this reply. Don’t worry, if I buy a PS4 I wouldn’t feel like I’d been forced into it solely based on the game and your comments. I’ve been considering it for a while and there would be a few other games I would purchase so it could be a worthy investment.

        The career on Don Bradman 14 isn’t bad, but you start at a county straight away, and if you’re an opening batsman for example, you immediately displace the player that was in that position if selected.

        I like the idea of starting lower down at club cricket and having to work your way in based on form, which is a lot closer to real life.

        Do you also get a choice in selecting the team as well if you’re made captain?

        Thanks for the comments, and no worries about reading the blog. Cricket is a big interest of mine, so I’m always interested to read and listen to other people’s views and opinions.


      2. Yes, you get to select the team when you’re captain. Frustratingly, I think that it resets to default in-between every match so you have to tinker before each game.

        I’m into the 2024 season and have been a regular for Yorkshire in First Class and List A for a couple of season. I’ve only just broken into the T20 side but am now on the verge of selection for Sheffield Shield and various global T20 comps which will be interesting. Blog article in due course.


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