Cricket 19 and BBL Console Game… Confirmed!

I can announce that Big Ant CEO Ross Symons has confirmed that there’ll be a new Ashes game released this summer… yes!!!!!

The game will be released on console and will include the ability to upload photos of players!

Big Ant advise that they’ve been working on the game since the last one (A whole two years!) and that the game will have extreme added depth. Symons advises that it’ll be “… the biggest update in cricket games since Don Bradman 14…”.

England and Australia will be fully licensed and the players have already been photographed.

Big Ant are also making a licensed Big Bash League game.


6 thoughts on “Cricket 19 and BBL Console Game… Confirmed!

    1. He was certainly claiming it’ll have much, much more depth!

      I don’t think I misunderstood re: BBL game. He was talking after release of Big Bash Boom and I’m sure that he said console. Probably one for 2019-20 season. It could be a bit limited like football World Cup games but if it’s fully licensed and got men and women’s games then could be worth it.

      I just hope that they’ve ironed out all the bugs for the new Ashes game.

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      1. Yeah exactly the ashes game just needs some tweaking here and there with the obvious bugs!

        Any big bash game I’ll play and if it’s licensed it will be more attractive definitely and should be worth a pop.

        I’m very eager for the year ahead- what a year it is to be a cricket fan!!

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