Cricket 19: What Will You Do?

Cricket 19 will be with us in May… May!

Check out the teaser trailer below…

It leaves you wanting more doesn’t it?

Big Ant’s fourth attempt at a cricket game will hopefully be their most polished yet.

Don Bradman Cricket 14, its follow up in 17 and Ashes Cricket all had their qualities but far too often steps forward were compromised by as many steps back.

What do you intend to do on Cricket 19?

A career mode as yourself or maybe a family member or celebrity. I’d love to do some career modes as my daughters. I’ve got one down for left-arm spin and the other as a right-hander, maybe a modern-day attacking batter.

Maybe you’ll create some leagues. I’ll be revisiting my Test league as England. I don’t think that I’ll over do it with the number of teams and might keep white-ball cricket for some separate triangular tournaments. You know I love a good triangular!

Maybe you’ll find some unlikely heroes. Adam Lyth’s 120 in an ODI against Nepal will live with me forever!!!

Who will you hand out international caps too?

As the anticipation builds, be sure to look out for my match reports and reviews coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Cricket 19: What Will You Do?

    1. Yeah, I hope that they’re like you can take charge of Oz or England on the last day of the Edgbaston Test in 05 or you can be Oz or SA doing the second innings of the 800+ run ODI.

      I used to love on LMA manager I think it was, playing the last few games of a season and trying to save a team from relegation.

      Thanks, I just love the images so like a Big Ant game excuse to put them up again. They seem to be really suggesting that career mode will have a ‘story’.

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      1. It would be a fantastic mode and taking inspiration from other sporting modes would only make it much better! I heard you might have to create the scenarios but even if so we can tailor them to what we want.

        I’m very interested to see what this ‘story’ will be and hope it improves an already good career mode


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