Numbers Up!

Numbers on shirts during the Ashes. Farewell tradition!

Now obviously players participating in the County Championship wear numbers on their shirts and I can understand the logic in that. In Test match cricket though, I’m not so sure. Beamed on TV players are easily identifiable and even for those at the ground, isn’t trying to figure out the identity of the players part of the beauty of attending? The scoreboard will tell you who is batting and bowling. You know who the wicketkeeper is and can soon figure out regular field placements.

I think that the qualities of both Test and T20I cricket are enhanced by maintaining as much difference between them as possible. Keep the flashing bails, coloured clothing and names on shirts away from the most testing form of the game please.

Oh, errr, ignore my custom kit creation in the pic above… hypocrite!

3 thoughts on “Numbers Up!

  1. Good thoughts. I am undecided on the topic but it seems like they want to make Test Cricket more commercial and more accessible. But the thing about test cricket is how unique it is and it should be completely different to one day formats. I won’t be too disappointed if this is the only change but if they continue to change the art of the game to make it for the fans, the game could suffer. For the players though it doesn’t make much difference and might help them learn names….


    1. I’m not necessarily that opposed to the idea… despite what I wrote!

      One thing worth noting is that presumably limited overs players will use their ODI/T20I shirt numbers so Test only players probably won’t get their preferred choice. There’s 100 numbers (including 00) up for grabs though so they should be okay.

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