What’s the Point?

WARNING! This is a random blog related moan!

What exactly is the point of writing a blog but not allowing comments?

Nothing on this website baffles me more than such a thing. Aren’t articles meant to be thought provoking and… provoke a response? So why do some people leave that option unavailable? I’m like Billy Crystal in When Harry met Sally. I’m going to go to the end first and if it won’t allow me to comment then I won’t bother reading!

Come on fellow bloggers! Enable comments. Even if you don’t want to reply or even read them, let us vent our frustration or even… agree with you!

4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. 🙂 I dealt with this topic on my blog in an in-depth manner recently.

    While I enjoy receiving comments and responding to them in a timely manner, there are those people who do more harm than good by keeping their comments enabled; one example of this is the blog administrator not responding to the comments that they received in the comments section of their blog.

    Do have yourself a fantastic day!


  2. Completely agree – it could be like having DRS in a series and then moaning about it when you don’t think its the right decision – that might have been the wrong example but the bottom line is you write for a response and to interact with people to share your stories and posts wider. It allows everyone an opportunity to voice their pleasure/displeasure whatever and then no one is left unhappy!


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