Stop Being Tossers?!


Hi all

The subject of the coin toss in cricket has come up a bit recently and I’m definitely not the first blogger to broach the subject in recent times. South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis has had his say and domestic competitions in England, India and Pakistan have already done away with the toss. Here’s my proposal for an alternative that could be used in Test cricket. I think the general vibe is that it’s most relevant to multi-innings/day cricket but this could also be utilised in limited overs cricket.

Quite simply, in the first match of a series the away team chooses whether or not they want to bat or bowl first. The winner of that match then gets to choose in the next match and so on and so on. In the instance of a draw or tie the team that had the right to toss maintains that right. Ultimately the team that tosses has to lose a match to lose tossing rights.

What do you think?

Please let me know your thoughts, your own ideas and vote in my poll below. Feel free to share the link with… anyone!

4 thoughts on “Stop Being Tossers?!

    1. Do you mean for example the away team chooses in the first match then the home team in the second etc etc?

      That’s not a bad idea. It’s certainly fair. I suggest the away team choosing in the first match because series are often an odd number of matches.

      Many thanks for taking an active interest in my blog.


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