Who Should Captain the England Test Team in South Africa?


Following a heavy defeat in the first Test in New Zealand the question marks over Joe Root’s captaincy are now firmly written in bold font and possibly in red ink! Root registered his lowest Test aggregate score, dropped out of the top ten batsmen in the world for the first time in five years (I’m surprised that it’s taken that long!) and was once again lacking inspiration in the field.

Does the Yorkshireman remain the best man to lead England or would he and the team as a whole be best served if he returned to being just one of the ranks?

Such a move has the potential to rid Root of the additional strain of leadership and allow him to thrive as the high quality batsman that we know he can be though in turn it obviously burdens someone else… or possibly brings out the best in them. Captaincy certainly isn’t bringing out the best in Joe Root.

Ben Stokes is currently vice-captain, Jos Buttler has stood in for limited overs matches, Stuart Broad has captained England in T20Is and Rory Burns is a County Championship winning captain.

Who do you think should lead England?


3 thoughts on “Who Should Captain the England Test Team in South Africa?

  1. I don’t think Root should be captain any longer, it’s definitely affecting his batting and he doesn’t seem able to get the best out of players. I believe Buttler or Broad should be captain.
    Also, I can’t understand how all the New Zealand bowlers managed to get some degree of movement of movement either in the air or off the pitch, while ours extracted none. One can’t keep blaming flat foreign pitches for ineffective bowling performances. Something needs to be addressed there! (Angry England fan).

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  2. My pleasure. Personally I think Buttler or Broad would thrive on the captaincy. I don’t think things should continue as they are with South Africa and the Ashes looming! We need Root making runs.


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