Howzat! Blogging: Content and Imagery?!

I’ve been blogging for over three years now and I’m still amazed at some of what I see when searching for interesting original content… and I don’t mean in a good way!

I’ve always said that “My blog might be rubbish but at least it’s my rubbish!”. The content is mine and the images are mine. Yes I’ve often been inspired by a headline or even an article though if the headline’s inspired me I try to avoid reading the article, at least until I’ve written my own. Regular readers will know that my recent content has been Cricket 19 dominated and not actually opinions on the real game. Life, errr… and Cricket 19 can get in the way. Of course part of my inspiration and style of writing those posts stem from being inspired by reading match reports online etc but just like some people have trodden a fine line on “Being inspired” by my content there’s no patent on writing about cricket. I wasn’t the first person and I’m not the only one allowed to produce Cricket gaming content. Just head over to YouTube! Anybody writing a cricket match report is likely to script a familiar chronological format at the very least before we consider applying any original flavour. The perspective from which it’s written will of course effect the narrative. I’ve particularly enjoyed the genuine first hand write-ups that I’ve done having attended a match. I’ve avoided reading another report when doing so only confirming a few details from the scorecard.

When I first started blogging the leading cricket bloggers on WordPress seemed to just copy and paste articles from major sites, amend the headline and claim the post as their own. Some just direct you to another site entirely. Where’s the pleasure? What’s the point?

Then we come to imagery. The amount of bloggers who are naively, sinisterly or foolishly and illegally using images that they don’t own stuns me. As for streaming live footage, I’m no running water expert but I’m going to hazard a guess that it isn’t all legit.

What do people think? Am I over reacting? Are these professional and polished images from top matches actually free for all to use? Where do other bloggers get their images, their content, their inspiration from?

3 thoughts on “Howzat! Blogging: Content and Imagery?!

  1. I’ve often wondered about whether there are legal issues on using pictures that aren’t your own. Personally I only use pictures that are mine which might not be great when discussing a certain player etc but at least there isn’t the worry.


    1. There seems to be a grey area even with taking photos in the first place, certainly ones of people. I’ve heard conflicting things and at the risk of going off topic Meghan and Harry have been in the news recently re: the Paparazzi. Even celebs have been getting into serious legal trouble for posting red carpet photos of themselves on twitter, photos taken by other people obviously.

      Thanks for viewing/commenting on my blog.


  2. Yeah I completely agree with you! All of your pictures are funky inventive unique and most importantly yours. Other than my first post (which was deleted after I realised my mistake) I have used my own pictures from my calendars, games, console etc because a website is meant to represent yourself not someone else’s work.

    The work you do is brilliantly eye catching unique and personal to you which makes your blog more interesting and appealing to readers – keep up the good work!


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