Wales Granted International Status by ICC!

After years of knocking down the door, Welsh cricket has finally been granted independent international status by the ICC. No longer will the country be merely a feeder club for the England team.

Cardiff born captain Geraint Williams-Hughes couldn’t hold back the emotion, “It’s what we’ve all dreamed off, from Cardiff to the valleys, from Swansea to the top of Mount Snowdon. The dream has finally come true”, said the 27-year-old tear-drenched truck driver.

Newly-wed Bristol born teenage wicketkeeper Owen Jones, who qualifies through his wife’s grandma’s adopted cousin, was equally looking forward to playing full international cricket, “The ability is here in the camp. We’re literally flooding with talent. I’m looking forward to touring. I’ve never left the confines of Gloucestershire before but my wife has taught me some Welsh and she’s got family in Sydney so I hope to make the squad for Australia. I’ve asked our vice-captain Evan Evans (A qualified accountant) to counter-sign my passport application. I can’t wait!”.

Puffin Island born batsman Peter Zeta-Jones will be trying to dodge ducks not puffins when Wales grace the international stage. It’ll be on the shoulders of him and the likes of Wrexham wrist-spinner Llewelyn Cadwallader and express left-arm coal-miner Dylan Morgan-Davies to make The Dragons fly!

Wales will play there first full internationals in a T20I triangular tournament with the two other new nations to be formally recognised by the ICC today, Kangaroo Island and South East Quebec.

Good luck to them!

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