Cricket 19: Ceylon Brew!

T20 warm-up match: Dambulla

Dambulla 91 (Sutton 38*, Patel 25, Goswami 10/Qadri 6-19, L.Petit 1-2, Georges 1-23)

France 92-4 (Thomas 33, L.Petit 20*, Gregory 12/Goswami 3-27, Soni 1-34)

Won by 6 wickets

1st T20I: Dambulla

France 112 (Bernard 28, L.Petit 20, Chevalier 15/Lakmal 2-21, Vandersay 2-31/Malinga 1-13)

Sri Lanka 114-1 (K Perera 64*, Thirimanne 25*, K Mendis 24/L. Petit 1-25, Le Tallec 0-7, La Roux 0-26)

Lost by 9 wickets

2nd T20I: Kandy

France 165 (L.Petit 52, Martinez 34, Georges 18*/de Silva 4-16, Pradeep 4-44, Lakmal 1-7)

Sri Lanka 167-1 (K. Perera 76*, Thirimanne 49*, K Mendis 37/Qadri 1-39, Chevalier 0-7, Le Tallec 0-16)

Lost by 9 wickets

3rd T20I: Kandy

Sri Lanka 179-7 (K. Mendis 86, K. Perera 41, de Silva 19/Martinez 3-15, Pitko 1-23, Dubois 1-24)

France 171-8 (Le Tallec 47, Gregory 31, Chevalier 30/de Silva 3-26, Pradeep 2-36, Malinga 1-31)

Lost by 8 runs

Lost the series 3-0

List A warm-up match: Colombo

France 196 (Thomas 47, Bernard 46, Besson 24/Puri 3-71, Hardy 3-65, Anne 2-34)

Colombo 199-8 (Puri 94*, Sampson 34, Anne 17/La Roux 3-32, Dubois 2-22, Thomas 1-25)

Lost by 2 wickets

1st ODI: Colombo

France 215 (Martinez 69, Bernard 29, Olivier 27/de Silva 2-1, Malinga 2-48, T. Perera 1-31)

Sri Lanka 216-8 (K.Perera 81, Karunaratne 34, Thirimanne 27, Martinez 3-35, La Roux 2-31, Le Tallec 1-32)

Lost by 2 wickets

2nd ODI: Galle

Sri Lanka 273-8 (Thirimanne 120*, Karunaratne 38, K. Perera 38/Hernandez 3-41, Thomas 1-44, Chevalier 1-50)

France 275-6 (Pitko 82*, L.Petit 39*, Olivier 34/Vandersay 2-30, Udana 2-59, Malinga 1-44)

Won by 4 wickets

3rd ODI: Galle

France 283 (Pitko 88, Martinez 40, Chevalier 31/Udana 4-60, de Silva 3-9, Malinga 2-46)

Sri Lanka 237-7 (Udana 63*, Pradeep 57*, Matthews 33/L.Petit 3-38, Gregory 1-19, Le Tallec 1-22)

Won by 46 runs

Won the series 2-1

First Class warm-up match: Colombo

France 421-9 declared (E.Petit 133, Chevalier 102, Toure 62/Puri 6-92, Anne 2-98, Jayaraman 1-101)

Colombo 263 (Thirimanne 86, de Silva 71, Chaudhari 34/Qadri 3-48, Toure 2-44, Keller 1-36)

France 158 (Keller 57, Rizvi 32, Sauvage 16/Chada 5-26, Anne 3-97, Farman 2-29)

Colombo 318-4 (Sarma 177*, Jayaraman 104, Thirimanne 17/Rizvi 1-11, Martin 1-33, Sauvage 1-53)

Lost by 6 wickets

1st Test: Colombo

Sri Lanka 259 (Siriwardene 122, Fernando 37, Lakmal 36/Qadri 3-32, L. Petit 3-49, Le Tallec 1-37)

France 257 (Pitko 52, E.Petit 37, L. Petit 29/Vandersay 5-62, Lakmal 3-53, Pradeep 1-67)

Sri Lanka 267 (Fernando 143, Matthews 43, K.Mendis 18/L.Petit 3-23, Qadri 3-65, Toure 2-66)

France 271-8 (E.Petit 115*, Rizvi 49, Martinez 24/de Silva 3-29, Lakmal 2-53, Vandersay 2-76)

Won by 2 wickets

2nd Test: Kandy

France 254 (L.Petit 57, Chevalier 38, Toure 29*/Lakmal 4-32, de Silva 2-28, J Mendis 1-44)

Sri Lanka 405 (K.Mendis 169, Siriwardene 72*, J Mendis 65/Le Tallec 2-27, Martinez 2-33, Qadri 2-63)

France 254 (Rizvi 75, Leroy 41*, Le Tallec 31/J.Mendis 3-28, Vandersay 3-61, Pradeep 3-61)

Sri Lanka 104-2 (Fernando 43*, K.Mendis 34, J.Mendis 20*/Qadri 1-19, Martin 1-23, Le Tallec 0-3)

Lost by 8 wickets

3rd Test: Dambulla

France 464 (E.Petit 179, L.Petit 106, Rizvi 35/Lakmal 3-84, Pradeep 3-123, Vandersay 3-145)

Sri Lanka 391 (de Silva 116, J.Mendis 92, Fernando 88/Martinez 2-32, Qadri 2-91, Martin 2-122)

France 538 (Martinez 182* Rizvi 94, Le Tallec 69/Vandersay 6-187, de Silva 2-66, Lakmal 1-71)

Sri Lanka 597 (Fernando 174, de Silva 143, Mathews 95/L.Petit 3-110, Qadri 3-129, Pitko 1-59)

Won by 14 runs

Won the series 2-1

Disclaimer: I’m currently playing some A Team games. This will provide experience to some of the extended squad members and allow them to push for full international honours. An announcement regarding future fixtures and squads will be announced shortly. I hope to find the time to get back to writing full reports on at least some matches as I’d like to think that’d be a bit more appealable to followers than just perusing short scorecards!


2 thoughts on “Cricket 19: Ceylon Brew!

  1. Wow!!! These games. Sri Lanka almost chased 611! 597, that must have been a nervy one. Enzo Petit has been scoring big which must be pleasing as well as Qadri bowling well. So many stories and reports from these games I could write a comment about each one. A fantastic test series and ODi series especially after some disappointing early results I bet. Beating Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 bravo 👏🏻 . Who’s been your favourite player over the series, the best player and also your most disappointing so far?? Lots of questions I’m sorry

    Some really close games in there and my love for the French team (virtually) continues and I have really enjoyed these little scoreboards but of course your match reports make it even better so looking forward to those if you bring them back.

    I have just got back into the game and really enjoyed just having a bat and a bowl, decided to give the Sheffield Shield a go with Tasmania and have got into my first game well. Think the game has improved recently since I last played it and I do like playing on Australian wickets. Sri Lankan wickets seem to be conducive to runs and lots of them. A lot of hours spent on that and concentrating I imagine to score lots of runs, what was the run rate??

    Have you seen the recent patch update coming in today?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I actually played the white ball games a long time ago and the Tests recently. I had pace bowler Martin dismiss Karunaratne three times in a row (Twice for a duck to full inswinging deliveries). Things like that seem really life like. I’m very spin dominant but my pacers would’ve fared a little better if I hadn’t dropped a few catches. Hoping they can get more of the bulk of the wickets in Ireland/At home.

      It was great to see a number of batsmen kick on. Martinez in particular was doing a job at three and then went on. Rizvi was superb having been recalled and even Leroy planted the seeds of recovery. The Petit twins are class, Qadri is a world class match winner and Le Tallec leads the team astutely.

      I had a feeling SL would push hard for the record chase. Fernando in particular was superb for them in the series whilst Vandersay took wickets but was expensive.

      Yes, I noticed there’s been an update. Didn’t seem like major things but we’ll see. I still feel like the opposition’s tail often wags in Tests and they bat ordinarily then blast the last ten in ODI. Would like to see some AI enhancements there. I’m pretty sure that I can set what field I like in the power play, certainly the last one anyway. As always I find playing the game very real, particularly bowling though catching is inconsistent and fielding frustrating. I’m trying to score more runs on the off side rather than playing excessively to leg, that’s in part why I’m playing a few A Team games.

      Re: favourite players, I like them all if they’re doing well! (Though I do particularly like Martinez as well as many others). Sissoko is the big frustration after starting reasonably well but just doesn’t merit selection no matter how many practice opportunities I give him. Had to axe Chevalier from Tests too. Just couldn’t develop starts.

      Will try and do a few full reports. Thanks for taking the time to read. Run rates were pretty high, certainly when batting but did bat for 60/70 overs at least. Nice not to be out before lunch! Got one particular off-spinner who in tour games keeps it tight even if he doesn’t get a ton of wickets. Would like to get him capped but he’s ultimately competing with the captain. Pretty sure my other leggie could match Qadri too. Martin started well but became more expensive. Had most of his opportunities on subcontinent though. Look out for Ireland news soon and like I say, I’ll try and do some in depth reports.

      Good luck in the Sheffield Shield!


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