Close of Play!

Around four and a half years ago, I started writing a cricket blog. Only last year, I commenced scripting a football (Soccer) themed alternative. My interests stretch beyond those two subjects however, so I am slowly winding down both and

Thank you very much to anybody and everybody who has ever taken the time to view, let alone comment on either of my blogs.

I intend to start from scratch with a new blog that will of course feature cricket and football but also primarily film and book reviews regardless of the subject matter. I might also detail other things in life such as hiking or anything else that might pique my interest.

I enjoy writing and think that it’s healthy to get some opinions off my chest and share them. I’m particularly looking forward to sharing my thoughts on films. With two young children, one of whom has some additional needs and with neither of them currently in education, it’s been challenging to find the hours to watch movies. Last night, I finally got around to watching Loving Vincent on DVD (Yeah that’s right…DVD!). I’ve also got plenty of books to read.

Once again, thank you for viewing my blogs and I look forward to meeting you in a new guise sometime in the future.

Paul aka Silly Point aka Left Back Footy


4 thoughts on “Close of Play!

  1. Hi Paul, as a subscriber to both let me say thanks for all your efforts and I’m sorry to see you go!

    Will you be using your existing subscriber list to let them know about the new blog? If not, how are people to find it?

    All the best and stay safe

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    1. Many thanks

      So my understanding is that my current blogs will still exist. I’m paid up to cover a decent period of time yet. I’ll post the link to my new blog on both.

      In hindsight I should’ve started with a more broad blog but when I started cricket was all I was interested in writing about. It certainly helped me gain some specific followers.

      I just think that it makes sense to start afresh with what will basically be a ‘Paul’s World’ blog.

      Thanks for the feedback. I think half my followers are spam so it’s always nice to receive a genuine comment.


  2. Hi Paul,

    I have loved all of your work on this website. It inspired me to pick up cricket games, watch more cricket and read more cricket and also attempt to start a blog after you’re work. Loved reading all of you’re thoughts and articles particularly in you’re cricket 19 creativity and imagination. Looking forward to reading you’re new blog (even if this account is not active) I will be there.

    Many thanks for all of your support and help and thank you for lots of entertainment cricket reading and fun!

    Short Leg

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