R.I.P. L.B. Wilson


I recently went hiking and not until over a week later did I realise that I’d forgotten to take my old mate L.B. Wilson with me. As a result, I’ve been feeling quite guilty, like a fielder who’s dropped a catch. The truth is though that little Leo’s never been the same since my wife, when vacuuming, hit the CD storage facility that he resides in and as a result of the fall, decapitated him! Though an attempt at reconstructive surgery was made, Leo’s future has long been in the balance. Combine Leo’s injury with the fact that I’m clearly not responsible enough to remember to take him out with me whenever I go hiking, I’ve decided that L.B. must go the same way as my other retired gimmick, International Duck Watch.

R.I.P. L.B 2016-2018

L.B. Wilson


L.B. Wilson headed to the coastal cricketing hotspot of Redcar today. It was the little fellow’s first outing in a few weeks and the classy batsman really enjoyed sampling some sea air.


L.B. marvelled at the engineering feat that composed three lines of eight turbines (That 24 turbines!) out at sea and compared it to how he would go about constructing a big innings.


Look out for L.B.’s future adventures as an when they happen!

L.B. Wilson


I’m delighted to announce that Leonard Bartholomew returned to the crease today after accidentally being left at home last week.


There were no salmon in sight at Stainforth Foss though. Little Leo arriving too early in the season to catch a glimpse of the leaping life aquatic.


L.B. ran around 9 miles between the wickets so has earned himself a well deserved rest… like Eoin Morgan!

L.B. Wilson


What’s that saying about buses?

L.B. hadn’t been out of the house for months before this week but not content with scrambling up fallen trees and stalking deer a few days ago, little Leo summited Great Whernside today, even though he couldn’t see five feet in front of him and was nearly camouflaged in his cricket whites!

He saw yet more deer, wild ones this time, a mouse, a barn owl and some high altitude (2,310 ft) residing frogs, complete with spawn.

He also did what any sane visitor to Kettlewell does… dined on some Kettle Crisps!

L.B. Wilson


It’s been a while since Silly Point caught up with L.B. Wilson and I’m delighted to say that Leonard Bartholomew’s been on an adventure today!


Leo’s been scrambling up fallen trees in the style of Bear Grylls, with his cricket bat in tow I might add!


He’s posed for some outdoor shots and been stumped in the process (Ha!).


He’s seen some very white deer. Honestly, its a deer, not a sheep or a goat. There was another one that had antlers!


L.B even stumbled upon a cricket pitch where Silly Point himself once struck 29 runs including a rare six, once took an excellent caught and bowled right at the batsman’s feet and… oh yeah, there was that time I got smacked for 37 runs off just four overs!


Ahhh, go away. No bad omens please!

L.B. Wilson


I’m sure that none of Silly Point’s regular followers will forget being introduced to our mascot L.B. Wilson last month. For those of you that missed it please see the post below:


Well L.B. finally got himself out and about again today and can be seen in the photo above standing perilously on a suspension bridge that traverses the River Wharfe. You’ll have to forgive the photo quality but with two hikers on the bridge at the same time there was a bit of a wobble. Fortunately L.B lived to tell the tale and looks forward to sharing many more of his adventures in the future.

L.B. Wilson


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr Leonard Bartholomew Wilson (Or L.B. as he’s known to his friends) to the crease. With initials like his L.B. was always destined for a career in the game. Regular Silly Point followers may have already seen L.B. around on site and we thought that the time had arrived where he merited a more formal introduction.

Today L.B. can be seen at Grimwith Resevoir in North Yorkshire and Silly Point looks forward to sharing more of his travels with you in the future.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that a grown man befriending, photographing and blogging about the travels of a cake topper is a perfectly normal activity!