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My latest poll will be with you all soon. I look forward to receiving your opinions on a little something that crops up from time to time.


As with my polls, huge thanks to those of you that participated in my first quiz. Look out for another one soon!

Cricket 19

Following the completion of my custom Test and ODI leagues, I’ll be leading a new nation, one with a rather humble cricket stature at present, in search of global dominance.


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Cricket 19: The end of a career?

My career has barely begun but maybe it needn’t go any further!

Cricket 19: The beginning of a new career

Where one career ends another begins. Forget Paul Morris. There’s a new star in town!

Cricket 19: North Western Hemisphere Test Championship

England host Ireland in round four of the NWHTC.

Cricket 19: ODI Original

Because we need some ODI cricket too! How will the new tournament shape up? What will it look like? Which teams will participate?

Cricket World Cup: NOT CRICKET 19!

First hand accounts from my trips to a couple of Cricket World Cup matches (Not England) at Headingley.

Twenty20 Blast: NOT CRICKET 19!

First hand accounts from my trips to a couple of Twenty20 Blast matches at Headingley. IN REAL LIFE AGAIN!

Upcoming Articles

Cricket Captain 2019: What I’d like to See

I posted a ‘Suggestions for 2019’ article last year…


…but now that we’re in 2019, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit this.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket CC/ODC 2019: How to Select a Team

As with Cricket Captain, 2019 is upon us, so if we want to succeed at TFC, then we already need to get our thinking caps on! Again, as with Cricket Captain, I’ve put forward my tactics before but feel that I can now expand on those in greater depth.

I’ll likely do both the above articles as audiocasts. My short-lived YouTube experiment is probably on hiatus. I just don’t have the space to be able to keep it clean and make it look sleek. I’ve got some really good ideas but with a second child having just arrived in a very small house, the audiocasts are a bit more feasible than recording videos.

Shehan Karunatilaka: Chinaman Book Review

I’m about fifty pages into this and am enjoying it so far. There’s such a lack of quality cricket fiction out there but hopefully this has bucked the trend.

Please take at look at my previous book reviews here…


Many thanks for following and please keep doing so as we approach a magical year for cricket… 2020!

Upcoming Articles


With the recent addition to the blog of audio casts to compliment the written word and with lots of cricket being played at all levels around the world, there’s much to look forward to at Silly Point throughout the rest of 2018.

Topics for future posts may include but not be limited to: The inaugural edition of Global T20 Canada, T20I status provided to all Associate Cricket nations, Telegraph Fantasy Cricket updates, the release of Cricket Captain 18, further Ashes Cricket (PS4) reports, book reviews, the author’s own efforts on the village circuit, first hand accounts of men’s and women’s ODI cricket (Trips to The Grange, Edinburgh and Headingley are booked!) and thoughts on England’s Test side’s continued woeful run of form (For the pessimists!)/renaissance (For the optimists!).


Next year Silly Point will bring you match reports from the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and there’s sure to be many posts to keep readers and listeners occupied in the meantime.

10,000 Runs!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 09.49.11

Yesterday, I joined Alastair Cook in surpassing 10,000 runs (Views) for England. I reached the milestone whilst registering a career best 83 (Views) not out from 51 deliveries (Visitors).

Many thanks to all that have taken the time to look at my blog, whether it be by accident or design! Recently I’ve received maiden innings (Visits) from Albania, Brazil and Israel. To quote ICC speak, countries such as Algeria, Bolivia and China remain untapped markets.

Loyal and new followers alike can look forward to upcoming articles on subjects such as Telegraph Fantasy Cricket 2018, more Ashes Cricket Career Mode updates and probably further suggestions regarding a restructure of international cricket!

Retiring not out… Silly Point.

Upcoming Articles


On Strike!

Silly Point proposes a slight tweak to the rules of our game of leather on willow.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket – CC/ODC Review

Silly Point err…, pretty much what it says on the tin!

Six to Watch: Season Review

Silly Point reviews the 2017 campaigns of those players that were identified as potential match winners and possible higher honours attainers back at the start of the season.

Cricket Captain 2017

Yeah probably some of that too!

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Hong Kong Sixes 2017: England Squad

Silly Point selects a possible England squad for the return of the Hong Kong Sixes tournament.

A Complete Restructure of International Cricket: Revisited

Silly Point makes some amendments to its proposed plans to revamp the global game.

Transfer Saga

Silly Point compares the current cricket transfer market to that of professional football.

Upcoming Articles


Paul Harris: Freaky!

Silly Point highlights some freaky info. from former South Africa spinner Paul Harris’ Test career.

Borthwick vs. Stoneman

Silly Point compares how the former Durham duo have performed since arriving at Surrey.

Yorkshire vs. Worcestershire T20 Blast Match

Silly Point will relive all the thrills and spills that take place when Yorkshire meet Worcestershire at Headingley… weather permitting!

Upcoming Articles


Don Bradman Cricket 17

England host Thailand in the first ever international cricket match to be held at Olympic Stadium, London. After back to back defeats in Greece and Jersey, England’s Test side will be desperately hoping to return to winning ways on home soil, in the day/night pink ball encounter.

Christopher Lee: Howzat Book Review

Silly Point reviews Christopher Lee’s literary offering on Kerry Packer’s endeavours that would completely change the complexion of cricket.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket: Update

Silly Point will keep you informed as to whether his troops are managing to maintain their position in the top ten… thousand!

Upcoming Articles


Don Bradman Cricket 17

Silly Point will update you on the travails of his own career, the development of New York City Pioneers or/and a good old England match.

Six to Watch: Revisited

Silly Point provides a follow-up on one of its earliest articles.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket: Update

Silly Point provides an update on how Roderick Brotherhood are getting on in the 2017 edition of Telegraph Fantasy Cricket.