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No Ball, No Luck?

Silly Point poses the question: Is it lucky to be ‘out’ off a no ball?

Don’t Just Catch the Ball, Hold it!

Silly Point, whilst not qualified to do so, provides some cricket coaching!

Why Not Wales?

Silly Point proposes that Wales becomes an independent cricket nation.

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Village Reminiscences

Silly Point himself (That’s me!) provides an insight into his ‘highly successful’ playing career.

Super Cricket

Silly Point lets you know how to survive if there’s a power cut and you can’t therefor play Don Bradman Cricket 17 on the PS4.

Openers Only

Silly Point forward defences his thoughts on those players that open the batting… and the bowling!

Unnecessary Umpires?

Silly Point poses the question: Do we actually need on-field officials?

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International Duck Watch!

Because there’s got to be… hasn’t there?

Don Bradman Cricket 17: England v Kenya Test Match

Silly Point provides a detailed report on my latest attempt to restore some pride to English cricket, involving Jack Leach’s Test debut, an unsentimental declaration from the opposition skipper and a much improved effort from the home side!

Four Day Test Matches

Silly Point details how four day Test matches could work… and you should know by now that with me it’s not just as simple as lopping a day off!

Roy Morgan: Real International Cricket Book Review

Silly Point reviews Roy Morgan’s A History in One Hundred Scorecards.

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A day without blogging, ahhhhh!

Geographical XI

Silly Point names a Geographical XI, because we can… if I can find eleven players with geographically related names that is!

Don Bradman Cricket 17: Ireland v England Test Match

Silly Point provides further insight into Big Ant Studios second instalment of DBC by, following England’s thrashing in India, taking an experimental England side to Malahide to take on Ireland in the Emerald Isle’s inaugural Test outing.

Duckworth Lewis Method CD Reviews

Silly Point reviews two cricket themed albums from The Divine Comedy frontman Neil Hannon.

Kevin Pietersen: On Cricket Book Review

Silly Point reviews the former England batsman and serial texter’s literary effort.

Warriors DVD Review

Silly Point reviews the cricket documentary Warriors… because Female Genital Mutilation is exactly what I thought I’d be blogging about when I started a cricket blog!

.. and yes, the Duckworth Lewis Method CDs, KP book and Warriors DVD were Christmas presents!

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Cricket’s New Stat

Silly Point creates a new statistic because cricket doesn’t have enough already!

University Challenge

Silly Point details how First Class status could still be applied to some university cricket.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Review

Silly Point reviews the second instalment of the Don Bradman Cricket game (On PS4).

Oh! I might also get around to publishing my Restructuring of World Cricket article as previously promised but only if I manage to finish it before the ICC actually restructure world cricket and only when I can get my head around my own idea!

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Why the Ashes Must Die

Silly Point explains why the Ashes must be Gary Ballanced, Gautam Gambhir’d, Martin Guptill’d… dropped!

A Complete Restructure of International Cricket

Silly Point details its plans on how to provide international cricket with global appeal, meritocracy and relevance.

Four Day Test Matches

Silly Point pitches how four day Tests might work. Bowler allocations, closed innings, injury prevention…

… actually, let’s just make it one mammoth innings of an article!

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Reminiscing About Usman Afzaal

Silly Point gets all blurry eyed when looking back on the England batting legend’s Test career!

Stateside Smash

Australia has the Big Bash, India the IPL, South Africa the Ram Slam.

Why can’t America have the Stateside Smash?

Cricket on the Continent Book Review

Silly Point reviews Tim Brooks’ offering on the past, present and future of cricket throughout Europe.