Cricket Books Worth Reading

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Here’s are some cricket books that I’ve read that I’d thoroughly recommend you do too. Some books I read before I started this blog but where I’ve already reviewed a book, I’ve provided the link.

Ed Smith Playing Hardball

There’s a great line in this book that explains the fundamental difference between baseball and cricket. It’s one that’s really good to have a handle on to understand the one of the two you’re less familiar with.

Tim Lane and Elliot Cartledge Chasing Shadows: The Life and Death of Peter Roebuck

A book bound to stir discomfort amongst some, this seems a fairly written effort of a delicate subject, a delicate life. I can’t claim to have been overly familiar with Roebuck before reading this book recently. Of course I knew the name but as I wrote in my review… I judged the book and not the man.

Christopher Lee Howzat

An insight into Kerry Packer and how he changed the face of cricket. It’s all very apt given the so many changes occurring on the global cricket horizon right now and in the not too distant past. Traditionalists may despise him but cricket would look a lot different if it weren’t for Packer or certainly wouldn’t have progressed at the same rate.

Peter Obourne Wounded Tiger: A History of Cricket in Pakistan

What’s great about this book is that you don’t just learn about the history of cricket in Pakistan but about the history of Pakistan in general. Not surprisingly, it’s an exhaustive read but one that makes me long to discover written histories of other cricket nations.

The following three books are essential reading for fans like me who long for the game to blossom outside of the Test circuit.

Tim Brooks Cricket on the Continent

Tim Wigmore and Peter Miller Second XI: Cricket in its Outposts

Roy Morgan Real International Cricket: A History in One Hundred Scorecards

There are others, some that I’ve enjoyed, others that I haven’t. You can find all my book reviews here…

I’ve currently got a stash of more bat ‘n’ ball themed books waiting to be read so look out for more reviews in 2019!

Elliot Cartledge and Tim Lane: Chasing Shadows – The Life and Death of Peter Roebuck Book Review

As much as I enjoy writing and would love to provide it more time with a view to enhancing the quality, I’ll admit that reviewing art of any form is an area in which I particularly struggle.

The last thing that I want to do is give anything away. If you pick up this book, presumably you have a reasonable idea of what you’re about to read, if not, the subtitle alone will give away the ending if not the very specifics.

This is not an article where I judge Peter Roebuck from what is ultimately my one and only source but advise you whether or not this book is worth reading. It is. It is thorough in its scope from Roebuck’s schooldays to his final moments and beyond, well, no less thorough than the police investigation it would seem!

This book was not written by the prosecution or the defence. It is an unbiased informative of the many phases and incidents in the former Somerset opening batsman’s life.

The Silly Point scorecard has Chasing Shadows undefeated at the close of play on… 89 not out!