No Price on a T20 Wicket


Call me old fashioned but I like to think if a batsman is dismissed first ball that they will, at least in part, be embarrassed. Of course there are circumstances where a first-baller is to an extent acceptable, perhaps the last ball of a limited overs match.

I can’t help but think that in the current era some players just aren’t bothered about bagging a duck of the golden variety. In a world of day after day T20 matches, some players have shed themselves of both their inhibitions and a fear of consequence. In the T20 format that may actually be a good thing. A first-baller could, in some instances, be of more value to the team than for example: 5 runs from 12 deliveries.

In the Test arena, I’d like to think that a batsman still puts a price on his wicket. “Yes” attempt to score runs and “Yes” look to entertain but like your life depends on it, don’t get out! It’s that self preservation but for the good of the team that attracted me to cricket in the first place.

Quality over quantity is a cliche but apt in this article. T20 cricket is like a new CD (Old school I know!). You buy it and listen to every song over and over. You play it to death and eventually it just doesn’t move you in the way that it once did. You watch some cricket and are moved by the batsman. You despair that a player was dismissed for a duck but given that they’re batting every other day in some month long league followed by another month long league (Maybe the West Greenland Sixfest) for another team (Maybe Martian Maidens), you lose that emotion. The batsman was out first ball but it doesn’t matter because he’s playing again tomorrow and nobody will remember the result or the defending champions anyway!

Like a big brother dissing the little brother that’s receiving more attention, this article has gone down the path of Test cricket trying to put T20 cricket in it’s place. When I started this blog just over a year ago, it’s at this point in the article that I’d spend a long time trying to round things up into some sort of summary. Maybe my writing has regressed but I’m more content now with putting out an opinion or just some vibes and if all remains a little open-ended then so be it… will