Extras is back and we’ve got an eastern theme this time at the crease.

Bye: The Hong Kong T20 Blitz is a tournament that is attracting big names such as Michael Clarke, Shahid Afridi and Kumar Sangakarra to the orient and can surely serve as an inspiration to countries such as USA. Following last year’s inaugural event, two new franchises have been added making a grand total of six teams participating in the tournament in the orient in 2017.


Leg Bye: The Hong Kong Sixes are also due to make a long awaited return to the cricketing calendar in 2017. England have actually won the most tournaments, joint topping the list alongside Pakistan with five victories.


No Ball: I’m currently in the midst of leading an England side in a Test match against Hong Kong on Don Bradman Cricket 17 but you’ll have to wait until the completion of what should (Could?) be an epic match for a detailed report. Let’s just say that we’ll need to bat better in our second innings than we did in our first!

Wide: Err, anything else I can think of about Hong Kong… Dermot Reeve!


Cricket is Not Cancer!


In the following article…


… Cricinfo assistant editor Daniel Brettig describes Australia’s batting woes as a cancer. The Australian hasn’t used originality to produce this term. He has been influenced by the supposed labelling of fellow countryman Shane Watson as ‘a cancer on the team’ by Australia skipper Michael Clarke.

Does Brettig genuinely think that the suffering of cancer patients and their families is comparable to a few men playing bat and ball but not playing it very well?

Does he genuinely think that cancer is appropriate terminology to use in such an instance?

Someone once said that ‘The object of art is to divide opinion’. By prompting this response from me in comparison to some that have proclaimed his article as ‘very good’ or ‘spot on’, Brettig has possibly done his job well. Maybe he is happy in the knowledge that anybody who has experienced cancer, when reading his article might find it a strange comparison.

If cricket can be described as cancer that is Brettig’s opinion. That it can’t is mine.